What a nice and cute girl! Nice private apartment, very hot body, cudly, shaved, sweet etc etc. Highly recommended! She even accomodated my peculiar wish, or tried at least :-) If you read this Klarka, get the boots next time ;-)
Peter K.
As many know, Klarka is totally independent and due to this fact - filters her clientele extra vigilantly. Nice phone contact, she speaks fine English, so rare for Prague girls after getting my info, we agreed on a meeting, which was postponed afterwards by half an hour per her request for extra arrangements, I guess. Lives just beyond the corner of Venceslas square, superb location. I knocked the door and was admitted by a stunning brunette with an athletic(but not overly) body. Her photos are 100% real, and are supplemented by a wonderfully beautiful smiling face with blue eyes, long black silky hair and the behavior of a high-class lady. Her flat is worth mentioning too, fancily designed and furnished, seems that Klarka had put a lot of effort and thought into it. The all-time mentioned disco-ball leopard is guarding her bedroom, lots of tasteful portraits and statuettes are placed within the flat. Following a short small-talk I was sent into the shower which strategically connects her bedroom to the Main room. Endless choice of shower gels, soaps, creams, Listerine for mouthwash etc. Klarka surprised me in the middle of the shower to see how things are going. She has strict hygienic norms that must be respected and I liked that a lot. After shower, I was sent to the leopard room, which also happens to contain a pole-dancing pole and a martial arts dummy-stand ( don't mess with Klarka, she'll kick your arse for sure ), this while Klarka showered too and chose one of her endless variety of sexy outfits, watching her through the half transparent glass door, I was already hard. We agreed on one hour with OWO, which she gently and skillfully began after a short cuddling. After a while, she offered me to undress her to reveal her beautiful freshly enhanced breasts, with some assistance from her side and moved to the sex part of the day. Klarka favors the cowgirl position with the man seated upright, which happens to be my favorite too! after a while I came, nice, relaxed chat and I was sent to the shower to get clean and fresh for the next cycle. Upon my return, she woke up the sinful part of my body by another OWO. This time we have varied several positions, i.e. cowgirl, missionary, doggy and though I didn't pop for the second time, it was immensely enjoyable. Final shower and a very warm goodbye. More notes: Klarka has very nice personality and she's a highly intellectual girl, above all. She effortlessly managed to fill any action voids by a nice, interesting chat. Skilled in the art of love and provides 100% GFE, but only to guys who deserve it, so YMMV. Full one hour (she sets on an alarm clock, so you get an accurate time) + time for shower which is not counted in. 1 hour 20 minutes total visit time I guess.
George S.
Went to Klarka last week, after a pleaseant, laughing phone contact !!! When I was there in Stepanska, a great surprise. The pics are real, but cannot explain to you her behave, her smile, her innocent eyes and trilly voice!!! Long castan hair, beautiful on back when she's doggy. Tanned body, sweety face and smile. A wide apt. fancy furnished between a night club, artist loft...I would say Felliniano !!! A silver metalized leopard will look at you all action time. What's more? A beautiful hour spent with girl with allure, not fake I mean; a natural, pleaseant savoir faire. She have some rules, about hygenic norms, or how to touch her and what to do...but of course about first point is normal, and how I touched her, she liked!!! Soft lighted atmosphere, nice sex; calm and interesting chat...Klarka get GFE soul, if you'll deserve it. -Klarka Nice and pleaseant girl. Beautiful breast and body. GFE attitude. -Nice apt., full furnished bathroom with tube, attached the room. Wide range of towels, shower gel, soap, listerine, etc etc etc... all in Purple/Lilla colour combined. - 1h. and more then 20min. ( time after shower and chat...up to her ). Worth money at all.
Tom V.

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